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My blog on creativity and finding new ways to make art.
A great site about what's happening in photography from an editor's viewpoint.
Dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about how the nation's lands are apportioned, utlized and perceived.
Imagery by Corina that include both traditional approaches to color as well as video work
Thoughtful work about people and culture, both commercial and fine art.
Amazing work - he's everywhere...
Photography that looks at "everyday places occupied by most Americans"
Aline Smithson's blogzine that explores contemporary photography - considered to be one of the 10 Photo blogs you should be reading.
Marketing for the Photography world. Great listings for upcoming events.
Photojournalism like it should be - gritty, b&w, wildly compassionate and visually compelling.
Polaroid devotees - ya gotta love these guys
Society for Photographic Education - the West coast group.
Sara Terry's heart-felt project that grew into a foundation that tells "the story of what it takes for individuals to learn to live again" after the "lingering wounds of war".
A co-founder of The Nocturnes, he transforms night photography.
Los Angeles League of Photographers is a group of local photographers who join together to discuss and debate photography.
Wonderful imagery that incorporates an exploration of our environment with wide ranging ideas about the nature of photography
Lyrical impassioned imagery that helped me move beyond straight photography.
A refreshing take on weddings (and my brilliant step-daughter)
Ideas, process and the art of making objects: work by sculptor James Osgood
Photography, Sculpture and Installation
Brilliant photography and composited images