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When I was 13 I moved from London to Chico, a small rural town in Northern California. At the time, to say the least, it was a culture shock - and at that age, all of my energies went into the social aspects of my existence. As a young adult I left, and now live in the L.A. area, but to my surprise, my heart is in the landscapes I ignored when I was a kid. This project started out of my return visits, inspired by the transient landscapes as they move through the seasonal, and often economic, changes I see with each visit.

I'm also interested in the changing experience I have as I attempt to record the environment with each visit. If photography is an editing of our visual world, then I find it interesting to see how my response, or my edit, changes every time I visit the scene. Photography is both a static and transitory art-form and this project, which now includes Southern California, speaks to how much, or how little, environments change - from the relentless cyclical nature of the farmed landscapes to the slow preserved decay of the desert.

Size: 17" x 44" Archival pigment print in a limited edition of 15, printed by the artist.