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Last summer I was invited to participate in a "kamikaze" experience - where 30 artists each stage a 24hr exhibition at an experimental space. This process was enormously freeing, and one of the artworks that emerged was Unmade. In my life it was also a time period of change and challenges. I became very aware of that space between our first moments of consciousness and our return to the world. These images are recordings of how that experience each day is different, but they're also a recording of the commonplace beauty that surrounds us.

There’s always been a strongly charged experience with beds - their sense of intimacy, privacy, sexuality - and I’ve always loved the sensual quality and beauty of light on sheets. The images I have chosen to use have a balance between representation and abstraction -we are aware of the subject, but also can follow our own imagination through its lines and shadows.

Monoprints, Digital Archival Inks on Nepalese hand-made paper, 20" x 30"